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Puckmate Stripe

Puckmate Stripe

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The Puckmate Stripe is handmade in two parts. The blue foam is made of water-resistant fibers and the yellow polyurethane is easy to attach to dry and treated surfaces (not untreated wood). Puckmate Stripe has an outstanding rebound ability and the feeling is that the puck returns at the same speed as the pass. Don't let weather or ice availability limit your training opportunities, with Puckmate Stripe there is every opportunity to train anywhere.

Keep in mind that:
1. Use the provided protective film when you are not using your Puckmate Stripe.
2. If the yellow surface gets dirty, wash it in lukewarm water and a little ordinary soap.
3. Let it air dry. Be patient and don't rub.
4. Store indoors when not in use.

What are the dimensions of the Puckmate Stripe?

L: 100 cm
W: 10 cm
D: 2.7 cm
Weight: 380 grams

Where and how do I use Puckmate Stripe?

Puckmate Stripe is used wherever there is a surface to attach it to. For example on the garage driveway, in the garden, in the basement, in the attic or wherever there is enough space. Make sure you have a floor that will make your puck slide. Find more inspiration and examples of places to use Puckmate Stripe !

Puckmate Stripe will not come with floor. Supplement with Floormate for complete equipment.

Puckmate Stripe is a passer that can withstand a lot. However, you should not use it for hard shots.

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