Puckmate works today together with the majority of associations, mainly in Sweden but also other Nordic countries. In addition to associations, we also work with some personal hockey coaches in the USA and Canada who use Puckmate on a daily basis.
We are passionate about development through individual training but are also aware that the team comes before the self. Individual training is a very important part of developing as a hockey player, but equally important, if not more important, is training in the form of exercises together with teammates. Therefore, we are constantly out at associations in the country to show off our products and hopefully contribute with variety to exercises where our products are used.

What does Puckmate offer my association?

Puckmate offers (in addition to fun training exercises with endless variety) discounted prices for associations and for association members. If you as an association enter into collaboration with Puckmate today, you as an association and association members are offered a 20% discount on our entire range. In addition to a better price, we are happy to show our products and give tips on effective exercises.
Right now, we are also producing video material with our main exercises that will be shared with the associations that use Puckmate.

Associations that have Puckmate today

If you already have Puckmate and want to get new tips on exercises, supplement with several products or just have a general question, write us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we have the opportunity and help you.
If you also frequently use Puckmate in training, we are very grateful if you film or take photos of the exercises and send it to us, or alternatively tag us on your social channels if something is posted. We ourselves are more than happy to post videos with innovative exercises on our own channels.

Which associations use Puckmate today?

Below we list the associations that have at some point used or are using Puckmate. The list is continuously updated.

Do you have Puckmate but is not in the list? Write us an email and we will insert a link and your logo.

Do you want to know more about how we at Puckmate work with associations? Get in touch and we'll be more than happy to have a chat.