Försäsong hockey - Off-ice träning

Pre-season hockey - Off-ice training

When you play hockey, you rarely cheer when the weather turns and we enter warmer times. However, if there are hockey products from Puckmate for off ice training, you can let the heat come with a smile. Being prepared for the upcoming season and always being one step ahead of your opponents can play a decisive role in the outcome of the season. Summer training is tough and waiting for the ice premiere always feels very far away. Being able to put the physical training on hold for a while and focus on the shot and the passes can be useful for motivation. During the warmer months, a few times a week, a few hours a day, only grinding passes and direct shots can be the difference between success and failure once it starts. Start the season on top and continue grinding during the course of the season to develop at a higher rate than before. Order Puckmate Off-ice , Floormate Plastis and Puckmate Off-ice puck for a complete equipment for your pre-season training before the hockey season. Stay one step ahead. Become a Puckmate.

Off ice training for ice hockey

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