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So what do we mean by Bound to Rebound? The Puckmate family consists of training tools with extremely high rebounding- and return capabilities. The unique Puckmate rubber surface will return passes smoothly and help you develop your speed, passing- and shooting abilities. You will notice great result in practically no time. The products are durable, lightweight and easy to store and carry, made for outdoors- as well as indoors training.  All this makes Puckmate the ultimate hockey training buddy - Your best mate!

Puckmate Stripe

This is where it all started, and the basis for all Puckmate products. The yellow polyurethane is super easy to attach to almost every surface. Puckmate has the same effect all over it's body and gives the feeling  of the puck returning at the same speed as the shot or pass itself.

Puckmate Pro

Want to go pro? Then this set is for you! Enhance your training experience with two rebound surfaces. The solid wooden structure and four included screws will ensure ultimate on-ice stability! Used and loved by professionals as well as aspiring players!

Puckmate Off-Ice

Brand new product for high intensity off- ice training! Puckmate Off-Ice, combines the unique polyurethane rebound surface with a solid aluminum structure and screw clamps for attaching to the surface in no time. Don't let weather or ice access limit your skills!

You can be great

During the evolution of Puckmate we have discussed important developmental areas with some of the world’s best players and coaches. Our goal has been to secure which attributes are necessary for tomorrow’s top players. We received different input yet the all of the experts said that speed and intensity will continue to increase! In addition they said that a modern hockey player will be required to continually increase and develop to be a “quick thinker” and “decision maker” when both passing and shooting. Your own practice, to improve these specific skills, will take time and patience. Your reward however will be individual development helping you and your team be successful.



Nicklas Lidström - 1564 NHL games, 1142 points. Played his entire NHL career for the Detroit Red Wings.

Improve your skills

Ever wondered how to become a real PowerPlayer? Let Puckmate drill you in the fundamentals; quicken your wrists and soften your hands, build speed and power with passing drills. Puckmate is super durable and will last for hundreds of hours of training. Let Puckmate help you with;

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Your skills tomorrow % 95


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