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Puckmate and Puckmate Pro is a training product with an extremely high rebounding and return capacity. The products will return smooth passes which allows you to develop your speed, passing and shot abilities. Puckmate Pro is a brand new passing tool for both on and off ice training. It's made from Swedish wood with two aluminum multi-purpose sides. Because of its weight, and the six included screws, it stands firmly on the ice. The package also includes velcro stabilizers for off-ice use. Puckmate Pro is currently used by players at professional levels and has received top reviews. Feeling creative? If you have ideas on how to modify your Puckmate to better fit your own needs, it's now possible to build your own custom system!


Do you wanna be great?

During the evolution of Puckmate we have discussed important developmental areas with some of the world’s best players and coaches. Our goal has been to secure which attributes are necessary for tomorrow’s top players. We received different input yet the all of the experts said that speed and intensity will continue to increase! In addition they said that a modern hockey player will be required to continually increase and develop to be a “quick thinker” and “decision maker” when both passing and shooting. Your own practice, to improve these specific skills, will take time and patience. Your reward however will be individual development helping you and your team be successful.



Nicklas Lidström - 1564 NHL games, 1142 points. Played his entire NHL career for the Detroit Red Wings.

Improve your skills

Ever wondered how to become a real PowerPlayer? Let Puckmate drill you in the fundamentals; quicken your wrists and soften your hands, build speed and power with passing drills. Puckmate is super durable and will last for hundreds of hours of training. Let Puckmate help you with;

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Your skills tomorrow % 95


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